Discussion Guide


Prayer of Repentance

When you were a kid, did you ever get caught doing something wrong as part of a group? How did you feel when you realized that you had been discovered doing the wrong thing? What happened next? Share with the group.

Read Daniel 9:1-3

Have you ever been reading the Bible and made a realization that changed your life? Share about that experience with the group. Daniel humbled himself before the Lord in preparation to pray. What are some things we can do to humble ourselves before we approach the Lord in prayer?

Read Daniel 9:4-14

How does the character of God described in the passage elicit different confessions from Daniel? What aspects of God’s character move you to pray?

Read Daniel 9:15-19

How does Daniel expect God to answer his prayer? What are Daniel’s final requests in verse 19?

What would the content of your most recent prayers reveal about your heart? How can you align your prayers with the heart of God?

Pray, asking God to hear, to forgive, to pay attention, and to act in specific ways. (Daniel 9:19)