Discussion Guide


God's Sovereign Hand Over the Faithful

In Esther 5, we see Esther take real risks in order to help rescue God’s people. When have you taken a risk to serve others?

Read Esther 5:11-14

What does this passage reveal about Haman’s character? Read Proverbs 14:22. Based on this passage, what can we expect will happen to Haman? How can we keep this truth in mind despite the way things may seem to be going?

Esther 6 begins with Xerxes unable to sleep, so he has his attendants read to him and they just happen to read about Mordecai rescuing the king from conspirators. Is this mere coincidence or can we see God at work behind the coincidence? Are we able to see God at work in our own circumstances?

Esther 6:10 - 7:10 tracks the downfall of Haman and the rise of Mordecai to a position of honor and power. Have you had moments in life when it seemed like everything was going poorly, only to be surprised by the outcome? Where was God during those events? In Esther 8, God’s people are given the right to defend themselves against their enemies.

Read Esther 8:15 - 17

Their victory is so complete that other nationalities want to become Jews. How has God given you victories? Are those victories evident to those around you?