Discussion Guide


Encounters- Woman at the Well

What's the thirstiest you have ever been? What was that first drink of water like after thirsting so strongly? Share with the group.

Read John 4:7-15 aloud.

Why is the woman surprised that Jesus asked her for a drink? What social barriers is Jesus crossing?

What does Jesus reveal about His identity in John 4:10-13? What is the meaning of this revelation?

What does Jesus reveal about the woman in John 4:16-18? Why did Jesus engage this woman in this way?

Verse 26 is a rare but significant statement from Jesus to someone outside of the twelve. What did He reveal to the woman and why is this important? What does this statement mean to you?

Once the woman at the well understood the true identity of Jesus, what did she do with that news? What impact did the news have on her city?

What are some social or ethnic barriers that are holding the gospel back from some people? How can you be part of taking the good news across those barriers? Pray for the gospel to reach all people.