Saturday nights, we gather as a body of believers to worship God, learn His Word, and fellowship together. It truly is a time of celebration for what God has done and what He continues to do in the world and our lives.

Middle School Service (6th-8th grade) - Saturdays at 5:00pm in Student Center Central (excluding the first Saturday of the month*)

*NextGen Service: On the first Saturday of each month, middle school students join their parents in the 5:00pm adult service in the Worship Center. We highly value giving families the opportunity to own the spiritual development of the next generation.

High School Students (9th-12th grade) Worship in Adult Service  - Saturdays at 6:45pm in the Worship Center.


Middle School (6th-8th grade): Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00pm
High School (9th-12th grade): Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30pm

1st Wednesday/Month - All students gather at the church in Student Center West for a worship night called "Cell Worship." 

2nd-4th Wednesday/Month - Students gather in home-based "Cell Groups," specific to a student’s grade, town, and gender. Cell groups are focused on prayer, accountability, Gospel-centered truth, and relationships to encourage Christ-like growth and discipleship. 

Cell Leaders: Each group is led by volunteer leaders, ranging in age and background, who are dedicated to discipling the next generation. All volunteers go through training, background checks, and meet regularly with a staff member for continued training and accountability. 

Curriculum: We provide cell groups with age-appropriate, Scripture-based studies and resources that correspond to our Saturday series or cover applicable topics. Our current curriculum is available in Resources.

To join a cell group, email Janie Crow.


Our ministry is dependent on volunteers who love serving students in the name of Jesus. We have serving opportunities for musicians, A/V tech, cell group leaders, host homes, and mentors. Whether you’re a parent, a student, or a volunteer desiring to pour into youth, we would love to talk with you about getting involved! Contact a staff member for more information. 


All Mosaic Student's cell group curriculum, teaching audio, and trip/retreat documents can be found in one place – our Resources page. 

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Each school year, our team coordinates events that are specifically programmed for our students to grow closer in their relationship with God and each other. Our events consist of retreats, mission trips, and a summer discipleship program called Antioch.

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Student Ministry Staff

Janie Crow
Janie Crow
Student Ministry Community Shepherd
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Bethany Donoghue
Administrative Assistant
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Collin Jackson
Student Team Leader
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Scott Jones
Students Worship Leader
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Andrew Martin
Ministry Resident
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Alan Vongnhay
Student Ministry Resident-Multiplication