Partnering with parents to help students know and express Jesus.

Mosaic LIVE

We are encouraging all students to worship with their family on Saturdays during the 5:00pm or 6:30pm services. Or continue to tune in as a family ONLINE with us, "LIVE at 5:00!" every Saturday evening.


Stay Connected

Please encourage your child to stay connected to us through our Mosaic Students Instagram. We understand families may have differing opinions on social media engagement and we believe that this is a good opportunity for your children to learn how to engage well. Our website will also be updated and is the best place to find most information and resources regarding our ministry.

Join a Cell Group

A “Cell Group” is a home-based small group where students gather to study God’s Word. Students meet weekly throughout Northwest Arkansas during the school year in groups based on their grade, region, and gender. Cell Groups are led by college and adult leaders who are passionate about the Gospel and making disciples. They are focused on prayer, accountability, Gospel-centered truth, and relationships to encourage Christ-like growth and discipleship. We provide cell groups with age appropriate, scripture-based studies and resources that correspond to our Saturday night sermon series or go over applicable topics.
View Middle School Curriculum or High School Curriculum.

Ways to Engage

Use the links below to see what is available for students.


Would love to! Cell groups have started back up. Please email Bethany Donoghue if you'd like more information or would like to join one. Cell groups meet every Wednesday except the first Wednesday of the month. High School cell groups meet in the Family Center Auditorium on the first Wednesdays of the month for Cell Worship. Middle School students meet in their host homes from 6:30-8pm and High School students meet in their host homes from 6:30-8:30pm.

Please email Bethany Donoghue and we’d love to meet you and answer any questions!


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